Pets and your Ceremony

A client recently asked me what I thought about having their dog involved somehow in the ceremony. I let them know it’s not about me; your ceremony is all about you guys. Special things, stories, and people can all be part of the ceremony, and if your four legged friend is a big part of your life then let’s have them there too.


A few things I do discuss with clients when thinking about having animals as part of their big day are:

Is your pooch comfortable with crowds? If not, they can become overwhelmed unpredictable. Make sure you have someone they know and trust close by so they can take over. Maybe go for a walk. If possible have them wondering around as guests arrive. This way they don’t really notice the crowd coming together.

Food and Treats, these can be used to distract or reward them as needed. A water bowl ready. As most weddings are held in the afternoon, it’s a good idea to keep a container full of water handy.

Make sure that your pet has gone for a big walk and/or play beforehand. Tired is better at the ceremony than  a bounding pooch full of energy.

Also check with your venue if they allow animals.

Have you got any other suggestions/ideas when having pets at the ceremony?

Photography by Shutterbug Baby