Kelly and Sit’s Wedding Day – The Chapel at Gold Creek

Back pic Group Kell

Kelly and Sit were married at The Chapel at Gold Creek on the 5th September 2014.

Though a little cool, the weather held out for us and no rain as it was forecasted.

Tiffany Blue as I’m sure most ladies would know that colour was the theme. Kelly’s Christiano Lucci, Ivory (a very white Ivory at that! – as Kell called it :o) fish tail style was brought from Enchanted Bridal. Her dress suited her to a T. The bridesmaid’s had success ordering their dresses online and the guys were dressed by Connor Menswear.

Kelly’s best friend created the hair up do’s for the ladies.  Shae Waite from Estella Artistry was the wonderful makeup artist for the day.

Jeremy McGrath was the photographer, Kelly couldn’t recommend him enough!!

Kelly’s wonderful friend Andrew from Sweet to the Bone created their cake.

Kelly and Sit were soooo extreamly happy with everyone involved in their wedding.

Their reception was held at the National Press Club and they went above and beyond. They were so lucky actually…

I was also super lucky to share in Kelly and Sit’s day. They are such a sweet, beautiful couple and I just loved being involved as your celebrant. Thanks again guys for allowing me to share in such a special moment in your life. Also thanks for such lovely words. Mwah x

Of course our biggest thank you is to Amanda!!

Amanda, you are truly amazing. You made the process so easy and fun for us. Honestly you couldn’t have done anything better. Your organisation was a weight off my shoulders…

You are such a sweetheart and we are so grateful that we got to share our day with the nicest celebrant ever! Thank you so much

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