Simple Steps

Ok, so chances are you’re not really sure what happens behind the scenes when it comes to getting married so let’s break it down…


To be legally married in Australia there are a few must’s that have to happen. Your celebrant can assist you to better understand these requirements, how they work and what has to be included in your ceremony. For further clarification of all the in’s and out’s when getting married can be found at the Attorney General’s Department .

One of the first things is to provide is a completed Notice of Intended Marriage form to your celebrant at least one month before the wedding and no more than eighteen months out. Your celebrant can help you identify the documentation that is required to complete this form.

If you choose to go ahead with me as your celebrant, we will catch up, sign the NOIM form and go down the path of confirming your booking with a deposit.

Creating your ceremony

After the NOIM form is squared away, we have a chat about your ceremony. I usually find most of my clients look at me and say “I’m not sure what I want, we haven’t even really thought about it” – not a problem! I can help…

I’ll send you an email with examples, ideas, and suggestions so you and you partner can start working through at your own pace to see what you like and what you don’t. I use these documents as tools to create discussion about what you really want your day and ceremony to be about: you, your partner and family.

Then, let’s create something fabulous! We’ll work together to make your ceremony exactly what you want and need it to be. Throughout this process we will have unlimited correspondence to make sure it’s just right. There are never silly questions or concerns, and it’s better to ask and feel more confident about your ceremony before we get to the day.

Practice makes perfect…or we can go with the flow!

If you’d like a rehearsal, let’s do it! More often than not, we will have the rehearsal at the venue…if this is not possible, we can agree on a different venue.

A rehearsal is a personal thing – I am more than happy to do one, but I have also had clients that just want the day to be what it’ll be. I do find a rehearsal provides an opportunity for everyone that’s involved to feel comfortable about their role and more relaxed on the day.

Usually, this is the time that we’ll sign a Declaration of Marriage that indicates you are free to wed – if we don’t have a rehearsal, we’ll arrange another time to sort that out.


The big day!

Your special day arrives and we are all ready to go! I arrive at the venue at least half an hour before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. This gives me a chance to set up, if required, and have a chat with the Groom and reassure him that I have his back during the ceremony. I am there to support you both and ensure that what we discussed is exactly what you get. We only get one chance at this so let’s make it perfect!

Top photo by Keepsakephoto by Keeffes
Bottom photo by Lisa Lois Photography